The Walking Dead


Fan favorite on AMC, The Walking Dead will finally reach an end in 2022 after airing 11 spine-chilling seasons. The franchise, which explores the fate of humanity in the zombie apocalypse, will not, however, be laid to rest. Two new spinoff series will begin production next year.

These new scripted television shows will become the third and fourth to come from the original TWD universe. Fear the Walking Dead is currently entering season six, and a new show titled The Walking Dead: World Beyond premiers October 4th.

Before The Walking Dead does get its headstone, the main show still has season 11, which will feature 24 episodes as well as ten bonus episodes added to season ten. The finale for the latest season is receiving a delayed release due to COVID-19. The new finale date is set to be October 4th, the same night as The Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres.

As for the new spinoff shows, one is confirmed to follow fan favorites Daryl and Carol, played by Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride. The two work closely together fighting zombies and fellow survivors in the show.

The other series to be called Tales of the Walking Dead, will feature standalone episodes which feature new characters and plotlines between each episode.

Production for the new shows will begin soon with hopes to debut in 2023.

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