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Throughout the pandemic, the global phenomenon TikTok is still going strong and providing us with endless laughs and dances to learn. Celebrity Page TV's Jaymes Vaughan is going behind the scenes with some of the biggest stars on the app.

From viral moments to dance challenges, Ariel Martin, also known as Baby Ariel, does it all. After getting her start on Musical.ly, she has since racked up 30 million followers on the platform. Martin gives us details on the making of her videos and why she enjoys it so much:

"The second I'm able to bring my family into my TikTok's and bring my friends into my TikTok's also... it doesn't have to be good! We all look like goofballs and that's exactly the same thing with 'Disney Fam Jam' too."

In addition to TikTok, Martin also hosts Disney Fam Jam on Disney Channel with fellow TikTok star Trevor Tordjman. With over 500,000 followers on the app, Tordjman told us how the app made him interact with fans on a personal level:

"Social media is expanding so rapidly and there's so many ways to get one-on-one interactions with the fans. So to see them interacting with us and watching 'Fam Jam' and coming together through dance, which you know what TikTok's all about too, is incredible."

The creator of Disney Fam Jam, Phillip Wright, also spilled on how the family dance show and TikTok intertwine in different ways:

"'Disney Fam Jam' and TikTok mesh really well in together with all the family dancing and all of that stuff."

Catch up on episodes of Disney Fam Jam on DisneyNow.com while new episodes are set to be released this fall.

Montana Tucker is also killing the TikTok game with over 5 million followers. Tucker took it upon herself to use her dancing skills to promote her singing skills. The influencer is now creating her own music to use for her TikTok's, in hopes other creators will do the same. Montana spoke with us on her experience with the app:

"It's really crazy and cool to be making these dances up to like my own songs and having people dance to them, it's still so like wild to me."

The fun doesn't stop there as the Martinez Twins are also creating their own music. After the twins departed from the massive influencer group Team 10, they have been better than ever. Ivan and Emilio Martinez shared their thoughts about their debut song Paraíso with us:

"We love 'Paraíso'. We were really nervous because that was our first song."

Adelaine Morin is also jumping on the new music train by putting out high-energy empowerment anthems. With new songs like Nobody Cares About Your Instagram and Hot Mess, they are definitely the perfect songs to make a TikTok dance to. Morin chatted with us on the making of her songs:

"Every song is a stage of a breakup, so I'm just excited for girls or guys to relate and go through the journey together."
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