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Timothée Chalamet revealed he will be returning to the screen.... but the time, for an animated project.

Chalamet and a few other big names, including Ty Dolla $ign and Vanessa Hudgens, are joining forces with Kid Cudi for a new Netflix music TV series, "Entergalactic".

Following the Netflix’s Geeked Week event, the first look of the hip-hop star’s new series has been released, revealing the plot and full cast for the upcoming show.

Cudi stars in the series as 'Jabari', a young, passionate artist who moves into his dream apartment next door to Meadow, Jessica Williams, 'Jabari's' love interest. The show follows the two as they meet, develop a relationship and navigate their respective careers together.

Chalamet will play the role of weed dealer turned crypto bro, Jimmy. Jimmy's character is an oxymoronic, laid back conspiracy theorist who is "never without a blunt and a book," according to Netflix.

Chalament described the show as:

"An explosion of art, music and animation."

Back in 2018, Chalament and the rapper shared an exchange on Twitter that had everyone excited. A random Cudi fan asked,

"@KidCudi who’s your favorite artist right now?"

The artist replied, "@Realchalamet."

Chalamet then tweeted, "UHMM OKAY STRIKE ME THE FUCK DOWN".

There has yet to be an announced release date, but you can watch the trailer for 'Entergalactic' here:

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