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July 23rd is a big day. The Olympic Games will be kicking off with the Opening Ceremony, followed by The Tonight Show where several guests are scheduled to be on the talk show.

This special episode of Jimmy Fallon's popular night time TV show will include guests from a diverse group of stars. Matt Damon, who is starring in a movie coming out later this month, Stillwater, will be on the show. Jason Sudeikis will make an appearance as well after recently receiving an Emmy nomination for his hit Apple TV show, Ted Lasso. Pop singer Camila Cabello will be performing a new single and boy band BTS will be playing a game.

A new segment called the "Fallon Five" will be on throughout the Olympics. It will be five minute clips of content from The Tonight Show. "Fallon Five" will start on July 29 and go on until August 8, which is the day of the Closing Ceremony.

Make sure to tune in to The Tonight Show on July 23 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT, and look out for the "Fallon Five" as the Olympic Games are happening!

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