Too Hot To Handle is a dating show unlike any other. First aired in 2020, this show flipped the script on passionate relationships of similar shows by banning all physical contact between participants.

Contestants are supposed to fall in love by developing rich, interpersonal relationships through conversation and experiences--no touching. Those who can withstand are promised a big cash reward, though being constantly surrounded by models makes this task far from easy.

Season three is set to drop on Netflix January 19, and it's already promising to be the biggest season yet. Ten new "singletons" have been cast to compete for what's teased as the show's largest prize to date. Anti-sex AI "Lana" will once again be present to put a stop to any shenanigans frisky contestants might find themselves in, and deduct money from the pot any time someone breaks a rule.

But robots and models aren't the only ones featured in the new cast. Season three promises excitement with contestants such as a Harry Styles look alike, self proclaimed "military brat", international playboy, and "cockney Elle Woods". Each have a spicy dating history, and must abstain from sexual contact and self gratification of any form. These ten "hunks" and "beauties" will live together in a villa in Florida as drama unfolds.

Though the cast was only announced via Instagram less than twenty four hours ago, fans are already speculating as to who will fall in love, and who will break some rules. Drama and romance are promised whether it be hot and steamy, or cold and frosty. Just two weeks away, season three of Too Hot To Handle is shaping up to be the most exciting yet.

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