Every Wednesday, we will be checking in with Life Camp Inc's Kheperah Kearse, director of wellness and therapeutic services.

Looking back at some of the best of Kheperah's Wellness Wednesday segments, here's what Kearse had to say in the lead up to 4th July and "Pandemic Fatigue."

"Greetings ✨So excited about this Wellness Wednesday segment featuring @queensbp2020 Sharon Lee as she joins me to discuss how to maintain inner peace, strengthen the immune system, apply self-care and overcome Pandemic Fatigue as we prepare for a "Strong Beginning" to the summer season."

In this video, learn how to make two healthy and hydrating summer drinks:

1) The "Surge Protector" featuring Pineapple, Tumeric, Aloe Vera & Water to build your immune system to in preparation for July 4th

2) The "Love Life Lemonade": a cool, refreshing and restorative beverage featuring chlorophyll, fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper & water.

Discover ways to create peace in your home, with a relaxing, DIY natural home freshener featuring Valerian (Or Eucalyptus), Lemongrass and Lavender and so much joy!

Have a topic you want discussed? Visit us at lifecampinc.com/wellnessQA, sign up to sit in our zoom audience to ask direct questions and join our wellness community! #AlignAlkalineRemind #WellnessWednesday #EatAloeVeraChallenge #PeaceIsALIFEstyle.

Koya Webb, self-proclaimed "Spiritual health and wellness educator," is a wellness Visionary that has all your wellness needs covered.

Sohee Lee's no frills approach to fitness, with a mountain of knowledge In training and nutrition has clocked up 300k followers and growing. This super fit influencer is one to watch.

"Emotions matter, thoughts matter, and, yes, food matters," says holistic entrepreneur Marianela Pereyra. Known on social media For her international healthy cuisine and positivity, Pereyra grew up feasting on the tutelage and cooking for her grandfather, a South American doctor and nutritionist.

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Mission Statement

LIFE Camp protects our community through outreach, intervention and engagement.We provide youth and families that have been impacted by violence the valuable tools they need to stay in school and out of the criminal justice system. We provide programs and other holistic approaches to reinforce self-esteem and respect for life among one another and also connect and mobilize youth to prevent and heal from violence in New York City's most underserved communities.
Levels (samples)
$15 - funds one hour of employment for an at risk young person
$100 - funds a credible community violence interrupter in the streets for a day
$1000 - funds the Peacemobile in the community for one day
Funds to Support Funds will support the scaling of our peace work; supports at-risk young people, ensures trusted violence interrupters are in the street, and increases presence of Peacemobile in the community

  • Deploys the Peacemobile in the community for a day
  • Hires two Violence Interrupters for one month
  • Employs three high risk young people and hire one Workforce Coordinator this Fall
  • Provide Therapeutic and Wellness services for 300 high-risk people + families in Southeast Queens, impacting 1,500 people
  • Provide Therapeutic and Wellness services for 100 high-risk people + families across NYC across Crisis Management System Sites, impacting 500 people
  • Employes 22 High Risk Young People This Fall
  • Expands Peacemobile Coverage across Queens for one year
  • Purchase and build out another Peacemobile.
  • Fully funds the buildout of a data tracking and management system, allowing LIFE Camp and the Crisis Management System to become an Evidence Based Model. Becoming an Evidence Based Model opens us for future funding from NYC and NYS.
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