8004 Rising Stars

We hopped on Zoom to chat with the breakout stars of Trinkets and Power Book II: Ghost.

'Trinkets' Debuts Final Season On Netflix 🎬

Kiana Madeira is making a splash in Hollywood with her starring role in Trinkets.

The show focuses on three friends who meet through Shoplifters Anonymous and become an unlikely group of friends.

Madeira has a few other acting credits under her belt, including The Flash, Dark Matter, Level 16 and Watch Dogs 2.

Madeira shared with us what the final season of Trinkets is all about...

"Our show is very unapologetic in the way that we show high school. Somebody could find themselves in any of the characters on the show," Madeira said.

Both seasons of Trinkets are available now on Netflix.

'Power Book II: Ghost' Takes Over STARZ ⭐️

LaToya Tonodeo is also making a name for herself with her role in Power Book II: Ghost.

Tonodeo is also known for The Oath, The Fosters and The Perfect Match.

Working with Mary J. Blige was a true dream come true for the star, as she told Senior Correspondent Arthur Kade...

"It's one of my favorite shows. Clearly, 'Power' was like the number one show on STARZ. It's a dream come true," Tonodeo said.

Power Book II: Ghost is now available on STARZ.

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The annual American Music Awards were last night, and we've got you covered in case you missed it. The heavily anticipated music award show was hosted this year by Taraji P. Henson, who did a phenomenal job even with a cardboard cutout audience rather than a real one due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are all the highlights of the night:


Elton John


At age 73, musical genius Elton John is still on a roll. The singer recently sat down with Howard Stern on Sirius XM's "The Stern Show" for a 90 minute interview to talk about his career, sing a couple songs, and promote his new boxset.