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The Real Housewives of New Jersey is finally back with its 11th season. While the series proceeds, Ranker and Watchworthy tell us the news about this season and give suggestions about shows that fans of RHONJ will surely love.

RHONJ Season 11 is here!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of Bravo's most popular reality show and it's finally back with its eleventh season. Fans have long waited for the drama and now it's finally here. But once the series is through, fans will have to look for new shows to fulfill that need. Ranker's here to suggest shows that fans of #RHONJ are statistically more likely to love.

Below Deck

Bravo has got you covered with reality shows. Below Deck examines the hospitality industry. The cast is made of crew members who have to deal with extreme requests from their wealthy customers. If you enjoy reality TV shows that involve the workplace, this show's a great fit for you!

Blown Away 

But if the competition is the aspect that you enjoy the most, this Netflix's show Blown Away is what you're probably looking for. Ten glassblowing artists have to compete against each other for a 60,000 dollars price. Their main goal? To build a glass sculpture that will face the others. Drama is guaranteed.

Bob's Burgers

Last but not least, you might be surprised by the following recommendation: the animated show Bob's Burgers on FX. Fans who enjoy watching New Jersey's fights love to watch the struggles of this animated family that tries to keep their small business alive.

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