Mariah Carey Gets QUIZZED by Tina Fey on ‘Mean Girls’

You might not know this, but Mariah Carey is a Mean Girls superfan. Now, the popstar is getting a chance to brush up on her knowledge of the hit movie with none other Mean Girls writer and actress Tina Fey.

As part of Billboard's digital series Quizzed, Carey and Fey got together over video chat to discuss all things Mean Girls. Right off the bat, Carey shows Fey her "M" necklace, which resembles that of Regina and Cady's "R" and "C" necklaces:

"Could you tell by anything that I'm wearing that I might have seen the movie once or twice? My necklace is an 'M' version of the 'R' that Regina and the 'C' that Cady have."

As the video progresses, Carey shows off her trivia skills when it comes to the mid 2000s comedy, and even impress Fey! Carey then reveals part of the reason why she loves Mean Girls so much. Growing up in the suburbs as a mixed raced girl, Carey strived to be a "Regina type."

"I made it my mission to try and aspire to be like a Regina type. I did the best I could. I went to beauty school as well for 500 hours in 11th grade so that I got some tips."

Along with Regina, Carey also revealed that she can relate to Cady in many ways, as she moved a lot as a kid:

"I didn't fit in at all being mixed race and moving 13, 14 times, and having a Black father and white mother and everybody was like who is this weirdo? So I was mean because I was just trying to fit in and that was the only way I could fit in."

Ultimately, Carey passed both rounds with ease, and Fey offered the superfan the idea of recording a song and having a role in the Mean Girls reboot. We hope the idea becomes a reality!

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