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The brand new Marvel series WandaVision is already a hit on Disney+, but the show is already raising questions as to what's to come for the MCU.

The MCU is focusing on two Avengers we all love, Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch and Vision.

However, it's poignant neighbor Dottie, played by Emma Caulfield, who's stealing the spotlight.

"There's that pressure because I don't want to make any fanboys or fangirls mad," Caulfield said. "She's not nice and she's distrustful. Why is she bothered by Wanda? Why is she threatened by Wanda? Why does this person need to be in control of all these people?"

Theories that are becoming more prevalent talk about a secret identity. Reddit users are currently speculating that Dottie may actually be the villain, Mephisto. As answers are still yet to come, the actress feels incredibly grateful for the opportunity of working alongside two avengers.

"It's just humbling, like wanting their approval."

For the moment, we'll just have to wait for what comes next!

The latest episode of Wandavision is available now on Disney+.

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