Kanye West


Many have wondered if rapper Kanye West is still serious about running for President. Now, the 21-time Grammy winner has released his first political campaign ad.

Watch The Campaign Ad

West has shared his ad to his 40 million Twitter followers showing West behind a black-and-white backdrop of an American flag as the video shows families and West's own family when he was a child. In the video West opens with the following:

America. What is America's destiny? What is best for our nation? Our people? What is just? True justice? We have to think about all these things together as a people. To contemplate our future, to live up to our dream, we must have vision. We as a people will revive our nation's commitment to faith, to what our constitution calls the free exercise of religion, including, of course, prayer. Through prayer, faith can be restored.

In the video, he discusses how Americans need to focus on strengthening their religion, faith, and prayer in order to improve the country. West states:

We as a people are called to a greater purpose than ourselves. We are not only a beacon to our world, but we should be servants to each other to encourage each other, to help each other, to lift up each other — our fellow Americans — that we may all prosper together. We have to act on faith with a sure knowledge that we are pursuing the right goals and doing the right things. We will build a stronger country by building stronger families," he said. "Families are the building blocks of society, of a nation. By turning to faith, we will be the kind of nation — the kind of people — God intends us to be.

The video concludes with an "I am Kanye West and I approve this message" endorsement and text urging people to write his na on the ballot.

Urging Voters

In July, West launched his campaign and held a controversial campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina. He has also faced challenges and one of them being a battle to get on the states' ballots as he missed critical deadlines. In September he has been qualified for the ballot in 10 states including Minnesota, Iowa and Colorado. Judges in Arizona and Virginia removed his name from the ballot yet on the California's ballot he appears to be listed as a Vice President candidate. It was also reported that West spent $6.8 million according to campaign finance reports.

Buy the Merch

West has also released merchandise for his campaign available at kanye2020.country including hats and hoodies. If any one is interested, donations can be made to his campaign.

Election day is just 22 days away and Americans have some important decisions to make. Will West be our next President?

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