Mary J Blige


Mary J. Blige is a voice you should recognize. The singer, actress, and designer is constantly juggling a variety of projects. Most recently Blige is appearing in Power Book II: Ghost which is available to watch on Starz.

Working on this TV series is something Blige couldn't believe would be possible. The original show Power was a huge hit on Starz, making it clear that a spin-off would too be successful.

Power Book II: Ghost is currently airing season one, but will have to be released in two parts as filming for the show was disrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Not to worry, production is set to resume picking up where it left off and Starz has even ordered a season 2.

Power Book II: Ghost on Starz

We spoke with Mary J. Blige who said fans would be pleased and eager to see how the story continues.

"Expect it to pick up right exactly where it left off- which is amazing. It goes into the evolution of the monster that Ghost created with his own son. And it just- AH! It just keeps getting really bad."

Blige herself still can't believe she gets to be a part of it.

"Being one of the biggest "Power" fans ever, it's surreal. I can't even believe it's happening. It's just too much. It's amazing, I can't believe it's happened."

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