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Our Jaymes Vaughan had the pleasure of chatting with Wendy Williams for an interview all about the star's new biopic and documentary premiering on Lifetime this weekend.

Vaughan asked her why she decided to tell her own story now:

"I'm 56 years old so I'm wise like a middle aged woman, but I feel every bit of 25 a lot of the time and I don't apologize for that. Physically I feel as though I've never looked better and more accepting of the skin I was birthed in. Mentally I've never felt more clear, emotionally I've never felt more satisfied."

The movie dives into the most scandalous moments of Ms. Williams' life, including infidelity, drug use, and more. Wendy shared a bit about how it feels to put all of this out there and expose herself like this:

"It feels like all the attention that you go into showbiz for. You know, if you come in this industry and plan on sitting there and reading off a prompter, then you are not a star, you are a robot who's reading a prompter. This is a business and this is show business, so on Saturday night I am showing my business."

Both Wendy Williams: The Movie and Wendy Williams: What A Mess! premiere this Saturday on Lifetime.

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