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Ranker.com is back with us ahead of the new season of The Flash on The CW to let us know what to expect and give us some shows fans of The Flash will love!

Flash Fans Rejoice

The DC Universe is finally making its way back to the airways with The Flash after a pandemic related production delay pushed back the debut of the hit show's 7th season. Barry Allen and crew will be back on The CW in early March. Watchworthy, courtesy of Ranker, is here to hold you over before and after this season comes to an end!

Batwoman on the CW

Another installment from the DC Universe, Batwoman starring Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder, this show tells the story of an outspoken vigilante crime fighter who battles both Gotham and herself every day.

This show also doesn't shy away from social issues with a woman of color as the lead. Batwoman has been making waves all year, and everyone, especially Flash fans, are guaranteed to love it.

Doom Patrol

Another up and coming superhero program, Doom Patrol is a show about a ragtag team of superheroes who have all been afflicted with physical disfigurements as a result of gaining their powers.

Brought together to protect the world from an apocalypse, nazi scientists, albino donkeys, and just about any whacky thing you can imagine.

Wynonna Earp

We're leaving the DC universe, and superheroes all together, to take a look at a new kind of comic book series. The Sci-Fi Network's Wynonna Earp. The show centers around the granddaughter of a famous lawman, Wyatt Earp, who gets stuck with protecting the world from demons, vampires, and anything else that gets in the way.

That's all we've got for Flash fans! For more TV and streaming news, click here.

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