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What should you watch on TV this week? From Better Call Saul's long-awaited fourth season, to Insecure's hotly anticipated return, and a 3-part Agatha Christie murder mystery, you've got excellent options across TV and streaming.

What's Worth Watching on TV?

With so many options, it's hard to keep up with the latest TV. Fortunately, TV Guide Magazine's Matt Roush has three recommendations premiering this week.

Better Call Saul

After a lengthy hiatus, Better Call Saul finally returns to AMC. Now in season four, the Breaking Bad prequel ventures even closer to the Saul Goodman we met in the originating series, while introducing more familiar faces in supporting roles and subplots.

Watch Better Call Saul Mondays on AMC.

Ordeal by Innocence

Based on one of Agatha Christie's best novels, this 3-part series brings a British murder mystery to Amazon.

The story focuses on the murder of a mother of several adopted children, one of whom was sent to prison for the crime. After his death, his guilt is called into question and suspicion shifts elsewhere.

Stream Ordeal by Innocence on Amazon on Friday August 10th.


Issa Rae returns in season three of the hit HBO series. The story picks up with her character's life in shambles and resumes the juicy, raunchy, and unpredictable storylines that viewers have come to expect from this series.

Insecure season three premieres on HBO August 12th.

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