Premieres, premieres, premieres! We've got comedy, we've got cooking, and we've got reality! Let's get into it!

Rebel on ABC

Premiering tonight at 10 pm EST on ABC, Rebel tells a story inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich starring Katey Sagal and Andy Garcia. Annie "Rebel" Bello is a hardcore law advocate without a law degree. Watch as she claws, fights, and works her way to justice!

Everything's Gonna Be Okay on FreeForm

Coming with a second season on the FreeForm network is the comedy series Everything's Gonna be Alright, about Nicholas, who comes home to live with his father and two teenage half sisters. It's a story of LGBTQ and neurodivergent representation that's streaming on Hulu now!

Fire Masters on the Cooking Channel

Season four of the Canadian Food Network show is finding a new home on the Cooking Channel tonight at 10!

Going From Broke on Crackle

This Crackle original series backed by Ashton Kutcher helps students just out of college escape their student loan debt with the help of Dan Rosensweig, the CEO of lifesaving company Chegg.

Chef Boot Camp on Food Network

More Food Network! Chef Cliff Crooks will take three struggling chefs on a three day bootcamp to refine their skills. Expect tears, drama, and probably gochujang, because it's the Food Network.

The Way of the Househusband on Netflix

Going even deeper into the anime vault, Netflix has produced an adaptation of the manga series about a retired Yakuza boss who becomes a stay at home husband.

No Activity on Paramount+

Season Four of No Activity is coming to Paramount+, the animated series that shows the perspectives of everybody connected to a high level drug bust.

Bringing Up Bates

Shout out Bates College! Let me outside!

Actually, Bringing Up Bates does not cover the college I attend, currently in COVID lockdown, but the tenth season of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates raising 19 children, ranging from toddler to 25.

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