Whoopi Golderg

Actress and TV host Whoopi Goldberg is calling attention to climate change with the help of Extinction Rebellion through a short animated film entitled The Gigantic Change.

'The Gigantic Change'

This three-minute animated short film takes place in the year 2050 reflecting back on how people came together to save the world from the climate crisis. The year 2050 is when several countries have committed to accomplish net zero carbon. Goldberg voices a grandmother reading a bedtime story to her grandchild. George Lewin, the co-director who approached Goldberg for this project, says:

"Her iconic voice could bring a perfect sense of gravitas to the performance. Plus she is outspoken on environmental issues and had the potential to inspire many of her followers to take actions. So we sent the script to her agent, and she came back quickly saying 'I'm in.' We couldn't believe it."

The Gigantic Change is currently streaming as part of World Environment Day.

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