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Whoopi Goldberg Returns to 'The View' After Suspension

Though she did not directly discuss the controversy, Whoopi Goldberg said, "We're going to keep having tough conversations"

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg returned to the show following her two-week suspension.

"Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to The View. And yes, I am back," Goldberg said as Behar told her, "We missed you."
"I missed you all too. I got to tell you. There's something kind of marvelous about being on a show like this because we are 'The View,' and this is what we do. Sometimes we don't do this as eloquently as we could,"

Goldberg did not mention the controversial remarks she made that got her suspended.

Two weeks prior, on Jan. 31, Goldberg inaccurately asserted that the "Holocaust isn't about race" on The View.

The comment came as she and her co-hosts discussed a Tennessee school board's ban of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Maus, which tells the story of illustrator and author Art Spiegelman's Polish Jewish parents' experience during the Holocaust.

The school board cited concerns about female nudity and profanity and removed the material from the eighth-grade curriculum.

The next day, The View had on Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, who explained why Goldberg's position offended Jews and others.

"Well, Whoopi, there's no question that the Holocaust was about race. That's how the Nazis saw it as they perpetrated the systematic annihilation of the Jewish people across continents, across countries with deliberate and ruthless cruelty," Greenblatt said. "You see, Hitler's ideology, the Third Reich, was predicated on the idea that the Aryans, the Germans, were a 'master race,' and the Jews were a subhuman race. It was racialized antisemitism."

Goldberg was suspended that evening by ABC, drawing criticism from the left and right. Some viewed it as a pointless punishment and others saying that it wasn't as severe a reprimand ABC had dealt with others for controversial remarks.

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