Will Smith

Will Smith's production company Westbrook Inc. has released a statement condemning the new voting restrictions in Georgia and verifying the move of their newest production Emancipation outside of Georgia.

Announcement of the Move

Financed by Apple Studios Emancipation follows the life of a runaway slave played by Will Smith. After the passing of the new Georgia voting laws, both Smith and director Antoine Fuqua felt it was unjust to pursue production in the state.

In a statement released by Smith's production company Westbrook Inc., Smith and Fuqua state,

"We cannot in good conscience provide economic support to a government that enacts regressive voting laws that are designed to restrict voter access."

What Are the New Laws?

Georgia's voting laws now grant new restrictions on absentee voting, including an ID requirement and strict rules on how drop boxes can be used. While it expands early voting access for some Georgia voters, it also sets new rules for state and local election officials.

Production Still Underway

There is no need to question the shooting start date set for June 21, however sources say the filming may relocate to Louisiana, where many events of the plot take place.

More Events Move Out of Georgia

Not only films, but now sporting events are showing their nonsupport for the new legislation. Major League Baseball is now relocating their All-Star Game outside of the state.

Emancipation begins shooting in Summer 2021 with an unannounced released date as of now.

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