Winter TV Season Premieres and Special Events

It's the most wonderful time of the year; time for new TV premieres! With so much to watch across regular broadcast, cable, premium cable, and streaming television, it's hard to keep track of what's coming back and when.

Fortunately, we've an easy rundown to keep you tuned-in!

January TV Schedule

1/1 - A Series of Unfortunate Events, streaming on Netflix

1/3 - Gotham, 8 PM on FOX (Click for More)

The final season of the pre-Batman series featuring the beleaguered heroes and eccentric rogues of Gotham City.

1/3 - The Titan Games, 8 PM on NBC

Dwayne Johnson’s athletic competition series where regular people compete against reigning Titans to take their place.

1/3 - The Masked Singer, 9 PM on FOX (Click for More)

A singing series with a new twist — the performers are all well-known celebrities in elaborate costumes whose identities are guessed by celebrity panelists.

1/3 - The Blacklist, 10 PM on NBC

1/6 - 76th Golden Globe Awards, 8 PM on NBC

1/7 - America’s Got Talent: The Champions, 8 PM on NBC

1/7 - The Bachelor, 8 PM on ABC

1/8 - Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, 8 PM on MTV

A docu-series following Lohan launching her Mykonos club.

1/8 - Project Blue Book, 10 PM on History

A fictional series based on real-life U.S. Air Force UFO investigations, starring Aidan Gillen (Petyr Baelish in Game of Thrones).

1/9 - Schooled, 8:30 PM on ABC

A Goldbergs spin-off set in the 1990s.

1/9 - You’re The Worst, 10 PM on FXX

1/10 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 9 PM on NBC

1/10 - Fam, 9:30 PM on CBS

Nina Dobrev plays a woman whose perfect life is turned upside down when her 16-year old, out-of-control half-sister moves in.

1/11 - Future Man, streaming on Hulu

1/11 - Friends from College, streaming on Netflix

1/11 - Sex Education, streaming on Netflix

Asa Butterfield plays a teen living with his sex-therapist mom played by Gillian Anderson.

1/11 Informer, streaming on Amazon

A London-born man of Pakistani descent becomes an undercover counterterrorist informant.

1/13 - Valley of the Boom, 9 PM on Nat Geo

A limited series adapting the real-life stories of Silicon Valley during the 1990s tech explosion, bubble, and crash.

1/13 - True Detective, 9 PM on HBO

Mahershala Ali stars in the third season of the HBO anthology, getting back to the show’s basics while unfolding a narrative across different time periods.

1/14 - The Passage, 9 PM on FOX

A vampire/pandemic series adapted from Justin Cronin’s best-selling novels centered on an FBI agent played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar and a test subject, on the run together.

1/15 - Roswell, New Mexico, 9 PM on The CW

A reboot of the WB/UPN teen drama, Roswell, that shifts the focus from high school to keeping alien secrets post-graduation. 

1/15 - Temptation Island, 10 PM on USA

A reboot of the reality series where four couples vacation amongst 24 singles ready-to-mingle.

1/15 - Drunk History, 10 PM on Comedy Central

1/16 - Deadly Class, 10 PM on Syfy

A teen attends a private school that trains the children from prominent crime families to be assassins.

1/16 - Schitt’s Creek, 10 PM on Pop

1/17 - Star Trek: Discovery, streaming on CBS All Access

1/18 - Grace and Frankie, streaming on Netflix

1/18 - Carmen Sandiego, streaming on Netflix

Gina Rodriguez voices the iconic global thief with an international profile (and criminal record) across a string of edutainment games and series.

1/20 - Black Monday, 10 PM on Showtime

Don Cheadle’s Showtime comedy follows the 1980s Wall Street rebels who caused the worst stock market crash in history.

1/20 - Crashing, 10 PM on HBO

1/20 - High Maintenance, 10:30 on HBO

1/21 - Celebrity Big Brother, 8 PM on CBS

1/22 - Oscar Nominations Announced

1/23 - The Magicians, 9 PM on Syfy

1/24 - Broad City, 10 PM on Comedy Central

The final season of the critically-acclaimed comedy series.

1/24 - The Other Two, 10:30 PM on Comedy Central

A sibling rivalry wherein one of the siblings becomes an overnight Youtube celebrity.

1/25 - Black Earth Rising, streaming on Netflix

A thriller starring John Goodman focusing on Africa’s relationship with the West.

1/27 - Rent, 8 PM on FOX

A live, television performance of the smash musical. 

1/28 - I Am the Night, 9 PM on TNT (Click for More)

Chris Pine reteams with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins in a noir set in the 1960s around the Black Dahlia murder.

February TV Schedule

2/1 - Russian doll, streaming on Netflix

Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne stars in a Groundhog Day-esque series wherein she’s stuck in a party that ends in death.

2/3 - Super Bowl LIII, kickoff time TBD on CBS

2/3 - The World’s Best, post-Super Bowl on CBS

A talent competition series judged by Drew Barrymore, James Corden, RuPaul, and Faith Hill.

2/5 - American Soul, 9 PM on BET

A Soul Train origin story starring Kelly Rowland as Gladys Knight

2/10 - 61st Annual Grammy Awards, 8 PM on CBS

2/12 - Boomerang, 10 PM on BET

A continuation of the 1992 movie following the careers of the children of Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry, and Robin Givens’ characters.

2/12 - Miracle Workers, 10:30 PM on TBS

A comedy wherein Daniel Radcliffe plays an angel and Steve Buscemi plays God.

2/15 - The Umbrella Academy, streaming on Netflix

Two estranged siblings must solve the mystery of their father’s death and stop the apocalypse.

2/15 - Proven Innocent, 9 PM on FOX

A legal drama starring Kelsey Grammer.

2/20 - Survivor, 8 PM on CBS

2/20 - Documentary Now!, 10 PM on IFC

2/21 - The Oath, streaming on Crackle

2/27 - Whiskey Cavalier, 10 PM on ABC

The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan is a CIA agent teamed with Scott Foley as an FBI agent codenamed ‘Whiskey Cavalier’.

The Year Beyond

March, 4 - 90th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars), 8 PM on ABC

June, 9 - 73rd Annual Tony Awards, 8 PM on CBS

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