Las Vegas Headliner Xavier Mortimer Breaks The Internet With Jason Derulo! | Celebrity Page

The Vegas headliner is taking to the gram for his latest tricks.

Xavier Mortimer's Latest Vid Breaks 300 Million Views 💻

Xavier Mortimer is known for his spectacles on the Las Vegas Strip, including mind-bending tricks and illusions for all audiences.

While in quarantine, the star is now pulling out his phone and blowing audiences away all from his own home. Mortimer jumped on Zoom with Ricky Cornish to talk all about his viral videos.

"My world collapsed like every performer in Las Vegas and around the world. I started to film videos... those TikTok videos... those Facebook videos. Every morning, or at some point in the day, I just take like an hour and I write everything that comes out of my head," Mortimer said.

Xavier Teams Up With Jason Derulo On TikTok 📱

Xavier also teamed up with a guy who's used to going viral... Jason Derulo!

"I saw him on TikTok and just a few minutes later, I received a message," Mortimer said.

The duo teamed up for a few viral videos on TikTok where Mortimer showed Derulo a few of his famous tricks.

"We just filmed like three or four hours, covered three videos and they went super great."

You can check out Xavier Mortimer's viral videos on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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