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Hey, You! Guess what? Netflix's hottest thriller series is back.

That's right, You is back on Netflix for season three and fans are in for a treat.

Our Hollywood Insider, Arthur Kade, sat down with new cast member Shalita Grant.

"Sherry Conrad is the queen of Madre Linda which is where Joe and Love are starting their new killer family. We'll see how Love and Joe integrate into the Madre Linda kingdom."

That was Grant on who her character is in season three. When You season one hit streaming, it seemed like the show everyone was talking about it. Penn Badgley's performance captivated audiences, and then things only continued to heat up when Victoria Pedretti joined the cast as Love for season two. Now, before season three even dropped, Netflix announced that there will be a season four.

When asked if she was a fan of the show first, Grant said:

"I was like 'I don't know about this You show. This is a serial killer!' But it got me. It's such a good show and Penn Badgley does such a great job."

Then, Arthur tried to get any juicy details that he could from the newcomer, but she held her ground:

"I'm not gonna give you too much juice, Arthur, because I don't want to be known for spoiling. But I will say that the themes are like happily ever after and like what happens when you get everything that you want and you're like a stalker serial killer."

Well, it seems like this season could be shaping up to be You's most interesting one yet. Also, if your memory of season 2 is a little cloudy on the details, you're not alone. Luckily Badgley and Pedretti teamed up for a recap. If you need a refresher, watch the recap below:

You season three is available now on Netflix.

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