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Stand-up comedian and actress Yvonne Orji is breaking barriers in more ways than one. From her Emmy-nominated role on HBO's Insecure, to her stand-up special and hit movie Vacation Friends, we caught up with the star for this week's SeeHer Spotlight.

Over the last couple of years, Yvonne Orji has shown her ability to perform in a variety of mediums, so even though the world has been unpredictable, Orji has become a mainstay on our screens.

Using her platform for positive representation of women and girls everywhere, we talked to the star about her latest projects, saying goodbye to Insecure, and more.

"I'm not going to lie, 2020 wasn't all the way bad...it was a grind. It was the energy that it feels like you have to keep hustling to make it...

The hustling has paid off, as the star was nominated for best supporting actress for her role as Molly in Insecure. When asked about the show coming to an end, Yvonne will look bad on the series fondly, saying:

"I felt really good about our final episode. I think we got the closure we were looking for. Even if we didn't see them (the characters) again, we feel like they are still in our hearts and we love them..."

To wrap up 2021, Yvonne will also host a comedy roast, but this isn't your typical roast. This one will focus on putting 2021 in the hot seat! Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Yearly Departed will feature the funniest female comedians (and even legends like Jane Fonda and Sheila E.) lighting up the wild year that was 2021. Stream it starting December 23rd!

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