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The 1980's hit drama series Highway to Heaven is getting a very exciting reboot this year.

Playing the angelic role made famous by the late Michael Landon is Grammy winning singer-songwriter, Jill Scott.

In the new Lifetime film, Barry Watson is starring as a junior high school principal, who also happens to be the only human on earth to know Angela's true identity.

Even a showbiz veteran like Barry is excited to be working his Grammy winning co-star.

"I got to work with Jill Scott. It's, it's funny I get to say that everyday since I've been working with her, I got to work with Jill Scott. So Jill plays Angela and she's basically, if anybody's familiar with the original 'Highway to Heaven' series with Michael Landon, you know, she takes on Michael Landon's role," Watson said.

This wasn't Barry's first heavenly role either. His career kick started on the 1996 drama series 7th Heaven, playing Matt Camden in the series.

"I've actually been thinking about 'what's some other movies or TV shows that have heaven in it, I was thinking of a 'Heaven Can Wait', I don't know, who knows what else I'll be involved with would happen, but um, yeah, it's just sort of kind of how, I guess, my career has gone," Watson said.

Barry also noted how he hopes the reboot can bring some more positivity to those who watch.

"It's such an honor to be part of the Michael Landon legacy and if any reboot needs to be done right now, it's the 'Highway to Heaven' reboot. They're going to walk away with 'ah, okay wow'. It was nice to watch something that gives people hope, the people respect each other, it's so important that this is happening right now, the timing couldn't be better."

Make sure to watch Barry in Lifetime's Highway to Heaven film reboot, premiering Saturday, November 6th on Lifetime.

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