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Taylor Swift released her album Folklore in July and received high praise for her surprise album eleven months after the release of seventh studio album Lover. Now, Swift will be giving fans an insight on the birth and creation of the widely-known album.

Swift Announces the New Film

Swift took to her social media to announce the film, less than 24 hours before the premiere. Swift has been full of surprises lately, with the album Folklore actually being a surprise to fans as well.

The trailer showcases the creation of Folklore, highlighting the fact that it was born out of isolation. As Swift and her team discuss the album in general, the trailer is soundtracked with Swift's "august" playing in the background and clips of Swift in her studio sessions.


Folklore is acclaimed as one of Swift's best storytelling albums to date. Rolling Stone referred to the album as

"headspinning," "heart-smashing," and Taylor Swift's "greatest album - so far."

Folklore is vulnerable and a great mixture of soft, yet intense. There were no announcements nor Easter eggs of the release. The album is simply the truest form of Taylor. The release of this album had fans craving for more and with the release of Swift's new film, they'll be able to get a sense of Swift's creative process.

Folklore is available on all streaming platforms and folklore: the long pond studio sessions is streaming now on Disney+.

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